Sustainable Agriculture Project

25’000 ha Sunflower, Soybean Plantation

zero-tillage, CA with crop rotations (Maize, Pulses)

·       Due to high market demand, MAEVA needs to increase the production of sunflower and soybean oil for the local Mozambican market as well as for export to our neighboring countries.

·       MAEVA also has concluded an off-take agreement for Sunflower Oil with European customers for up to 10’000 metric tons per year. Agreements for soyabean oil and soybean meal as well as maize are ready to be signed.

o   MAEVA intends to apply the Conservation Agriculture (CA) principles, which are based on optimizing yields and profits, to achieve a balance of agricultural, economic and environmental benefits by minimum soil disturbance (no-till), soil cover and a diversified crop rotation.

o   The plantation preferably should be a mix of industrial plantations and contract farming with small-stake outgrowers’ associations involved. 



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