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Every day our MAEVA oils share your life. On your table, in the kitchen. Essential ingredients for your eating enjoyment, oils have a lot to say...

Healthy fats are just as important as fruit and vegetables, you need them every day to maintain your vitality

Trans-Fat-Free                                              Cholesterol Free

Healthy fats protect your health. Healthy fats are just as important as fruit and vegetables.

1. Healthy fats are necessary to be able to absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as vita mins A, D, E and K. The vitamin K in broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and lucerne is barely absorbed for example, if these vegetables don’t come with a bit of fat or oil. And without a suffi cient amount of vitamin K calcium will not be stored in bones and teeth, meaning potential tooth decay and osteoporosis.

2. Healthy fats are essential for the functioning of hormones and enzymes. Your body will generate fewer enzymes when you are on a fat-reduced or fat-free diet. This can result in digestive issues. An insufficient number of fats will result in reduced or no sex hormones for example.

3. Healthy fats are needed to emulsify (dissolve in a watery environment) nutrients. They are the basis for bilious acids, in order to be able to digest foods that contain fats.

4. Healthy fats contain lecithin, a nutrient that fosters memory and the transfer of impulses between cells. Lecithin also ensures that the polar substances in cells can communicate with non-polar substances and contributes to the transport of fats in blood. It is essential for growth hormone and helps transport, process and break down fats and cholesterol in the body.

5. Healthy fats ensure the supply of more than 600 nutrients including various carotenoids (alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, etc.), carnitine, the co-enzyme Q10, inositol and alpha-liponic acid. Lycopene and carotenes in tomatoes are barely absorbed if no fat is used. Lycopene is an important defence for the prostate against cancer.

6. Healthy fats ensure a natural feeling of saturation during meals. The days that we thought light products would slim down the world seem to be past. An unsaturated feeling will leave you hungry and psychologically you think that you can eat more of light foods. “Light” products pull the wool over people’s eyes. Healthy fats are replaced by refined sugars and fillers.

7. Healthy fats reduce ups and downs in your blood sugar levels. They delay the absorption of sugars in food, which prevents the occurrence of blood glucose peaks, followed by sharp drops. They ensure a long-term saturation due to a more constant blood glucose level.

8. Healthy fats form a protective ‘coating’ around our organs. A healthy heart needs to be surrounded by a lining of saturated fat.

9. Healthy fats constitute the most concentrated energy storage method. Every gram of stored fat releases twice as much as energy as one gram of stored protein or sugars.

10. An isolating layer of fat under our skin will also protect us from the cold. That is why we naturally need more fat as the days grows shorter and colder.

11. Dr. R. Russel in 1944 laid down the success formula against tuberculosis: Bed rest, moderate exercise and a diet high in fats.

12. Healthy fats add more taste to meals.

13. If we eliminate fats in food then women’s oestrogen levels will drop, as will men’s testosterone levels. In other words: our libido will suffer.

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