Happy Independence Day Mozambique

The Maeva Group wishes its employees and customers a most enjoyable national holiday - be proud, be positive, let's make Mozambique a better place for all - together - freedom, prosperity and well being for all.


We share the commitment to the economic development and improving the health of all Mozambicans.  The Maeva Group is a proud partner in building greater prosperity for the people of Mozambique and we join all the people of Mozambique celebrating the 42nd year of independence.

Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous year ahead.

Shémir Sokataly, Chairman and his team

Maeva and German Food Partnership

Maeva is an active member of the German Food Program (GFP), 


Certificate Club Passaro Azul - MAEVA Group

December 14, 2013: The Maeva Group received the distinction of the "Economic Personality 2012" for its efforts to transform products in Mozambique in the Dondo district (Province of Sofala).



News on MAEVA, Mozambique, the vegetable oil- and agricultural industry.

Scientific Proof of Coconut Oil's Health Benefits

Coconut Oil is HEALTHY

Below is the text of a submission that was sent recently to the Australian National Health and Medical Research council recently. This submission includes the abstract of a review of the role of saturated fats in a number of health conditions. 

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Rio+20 A voice from Mozambique

(2012-06-19) Sustainable development is a highly contested notion and one that has taken many forms: economic, political and social.

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Mozambique’s adoption of the Code of Conduct

(2012-06-11) The Council of Ministers (Cabinet) on Thursday approved Mozambique’s adoption of the Code of Conduct concerning the Repression of Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in the Western Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden, also known as the “Djibouti Code of Conduct”.

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MOZAMBIQUE BUSINESS - The degree of corruption scaring away investors ...

Mozambique has adopted a new law to end conflicts of interest gnawing the state apparatus to the summit, a text to prove the will of Maputo to finish with a degree of corruption, scaring away investors.

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IMF warns poor benefiting less from growth


(2012-06-07) The International Monetary Fund on 31 May warned that in Mozambique the poor are benefiting less from the country’s growth, reports the prominent British writer on Mozambique, Joseph Hanlon.

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Agricultural production in Mozambique totals 16.2 million tons


Mozambique’s agricultural production totalled 16.2 million tons of products in the 2011/2012 season, which is 8.4 percent more year-on-year, Mozambique’s Agriculture Minister, José Pacheco said in the town of Marrupa.
During the opening session of the 6th Coordinating Council of the Agriculture Ministry, held in Marrupa, Niassa province, Pacheco said that the most significant crops were cassava and tomato, which saw increases of 12.6 percent and 13 percent, respectively, to 11.3 million tons, and 220,000 tons.
Other crops that also saw significant rises in production were grains with 3.1 million tons (6.9 percent more), legumes (467,000 tons – 6.7 percent), oil producing crops (41,000 tons – 7.6 percent), potatoes (203,000 tons – 7.1 percent), onions (85,000 tons – 6.7 percent), and other vegetables (750,000 tons – 7.2 percent).
(macauhub original article read here...)

MAEVA Expansion into Swaziland

Swazi Observer - www.observer.org.sz

Maeva Group Managing Director Shemir Sokataly said he needed land measuring 10 000 hecaters to set up the plant which would have fields for planting raw materials like sunflower, groundnuts and others. Sokataly also anticpates working with the country’s farmers.UNAVAILABILITY of land has delayed the establishment of a multi-million soap plant in Swaziland. For the past two years, Maeva Group in Mozambique has had numerous discussions with the country’s officials about opening shop but the problem is that there is no suitable land.

Read more: MAEVA Expansion into Swaziland

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