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Happy Independence Day Mozambique

The Maeva Group wishes its employees and customers a most enjoyable national holiday - be proud, be positive, let's make Mozambique a better place for all - together - freedom, prosperity and well being for all.


We share the commitment to the economic development and improving the health of all Mozambicans.  The Maeva Group is a proud partner in building greater prosperity for the people of Mozambique and we join all the people of Mozambique celebrating the 42nd year of independence.

Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous year ahead.

Shémir Sokataly, Chairman and his team

Maeva and German Food Partnership

Maeva is an active member of the German Food Program (GFP), 


Certificate Club Passaro Azul - MAEVA Group

December 14, 2013: The Maeva Group received the distinction of the "Economic Personality 2012" for its efforts to transform products in Mozambique in the Dondo district (Province of Sofala).


Maeva and German Food Partnership

Maeva is an active member of the German Food Program (GFP), 

which brings together public and private actors in order to implement projects and programmes designed to put in place stable agricultural value chains and to expand agricultural production. The GFP aims to foster and boost productivity and performance all the way along the value chain in order to give local farmers and local people easier access to production inputs, markets and food.

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