Our Vision

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Our Vision

MAËVA endeavors to be a major force in Mozambique to continually contribute to a sustainable future of Mozambicans in focusing on the development of young people, creating industrial and agricultural jobs and joining forces to achieve a high level of professionalism and the well-being of rural farmers - together, we develop, create and market high quality products according to the highest international standards at an affordable price. Every stakeholder must be a winner in all we do.


Our Mission

  • MAEVA products aim to improve the quality of life of its customers with wholesome and natural products in the domains of Body Care and Nutrition - high quality products at affordable prices.
  • MAËVA is making a difference in promoting sustainable development of rural Africa based on an entrepreneurship strategy aimed at increasing local oil and food crop production, by partnering with small scale farmers and providing a range of assistance to the rural community.
  • MAËVA promotes the Conservation Agriculture (CA) principles, which are based on optimizing yields and profits, to achieve a balance of agricultural, economic and environmental benefits by minimum soil disturbance (no-till), soil cover and a diversified crop rotation.
  • MAËVA works in close partnership with Mozambican farmers with the intent of applying the CA principles providing sustainable agriculture and improving the livelihoods of farmers.


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