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Coconut - Copra Crushing Plant Inhacoongo - Inhambane

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Drying Coconut Copra

Coconut oil is valued as nutritious health food. We produce good merchantable quality crude coconut oil from copra – dried coconut meat – made from locally grown coconuts that are prepared for crushing by removing the shell, then breaking up and drying the fresh coconut meat.

Nhacongo: 4'000 hectares of Coconut Plantations

Crushing Capacity: 50 metric tons/day Coconut and 20 metric tons/day Sunflower Seed Crushing

Products: Crude Copra Oil (CCNO), Copra Meal/Expeller (CM), Crude Sunflower Oil, Sunflower Meal

Maeva Oils Office Inhacongo

Copra Crushing Plant


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