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The MAËVA group of companies is a major local producer of high quality vegetable oils and natural soaps, based in Maputo, Mozambique since 1998 and consists of the following business units (see also the video as presented by Mozambican TV stations: MAEVA Group presented on Mozambique TV)

Sabimo Lda, Maputo

Soap Manufacturing

Sabimo Logo

Southern Refineries Lda, Matola

Vegetable Oil Refineries

Southern Refineries Logo

MAËVA Plast Lda, Matola

PET and Jerry-Can Manufacturing


MAXI Oils Lda, Maxixe

Coconut Crushing Plant

Maxi Oils Logo - coconut - crushing

MAËVA Oils Lda, Inhacoongo

Coconut Crushing Plant

Maeva Oils Logo

Azania Lda, Maputo

Food & Beverage Import/Export











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MAËVA GROUP - Rua Gago Coutinho, 401 - Maputo, Mozambique.
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